Sunday, 8 March 2015

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Run operating systems from browser

Have you ever imagined that you can run operating systems from browser ? Yes, it is possible!This tutorial Presents you to How to run Operating Systems from Browser

Run operating systems from browser

There are a number of Cloud based Operating Systems which simulate a virtual OS inside your browser to give a new experience altogether. Convenience, mobility, session management, software management,security and high availability are its main advantages. A comprehensive list is as follows: 
It is an online virtual operating system that simulates an operating system inside your web browser.
 is an Open source web desktop written in PHP,XML and JavaScript. It has 67 applications and utilities .It supports IE6/7/8, Firefox2/3, Safari, Opera, and Chrome and also has customizable GUI.
provided by Ghost Inc. stands for Global Hosted Operating System. It provides a GUI mimicking the classic desktop, its like a virtual computer. It is hosted on Amazon Web Services and can be seen as utilizing cloud computing on the backend and delivering a consumer version of cloud computingtechnology.

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Glide OS
is based on Flash and supports both desktop and mobile OS.It is compatible with all notable web browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome.It is developed by Transmedia inc.
web desktop is built with AJAX technology. It has also a mobile version for Android and iPhone. Its applications can be translated to 30 languages. It has a cloud based storage and also has a CloudME social community, and open API for web developers.
is an online dashboard/desktop for you to play with. You can access your favorite RSS feeds, bookmarks, and plenty more.
The Online Desktop, is a virtual operating system that lets you store, edit and share your files using only a browser.
Nivio Ndesktop
Access an Online vesion of Windows anywhere. Store your stuff online- 10GB free space.
comes with File Explorer, Instant Messenger, Calendar, Web Mail, Contacts, Quickview, Multimedia Player, and many more so you get the full OS experience from anytime anywhere.
BTW I’m using ZeroPc to run operating systems from browser
Many other services like Joli Cloud, Netvibes, xOS Webtop, DesktopTwo etc .

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